French General Andre Duras is revered for his brilliant military plans, which is why he and his well-trained troops have been sent to a strategic location. He is in the midst of planning the next stage of his battle when an unexpected visitor puts his well-laid strategies to the test.

Russian Countess Teo Korsakova wanders into enemy territory and finds herself captured by Duras' men. Unwillingly married to the brutal and ruthless general who conquered her grandfather's people, Teo has lived a loveless life until she meets Andre.

Suddenly she knows what desire is and with a wildness she never knew she possessed, Teo asks Andre to become her lover.

On the eve of battle, Andre knows he cannot take the time or the chance to allow passion to cloud his mind, but Teo shatters his self-control. Their passion blazes across the continent and though Andre should do the honorable thing and return Teo to her husband and go home to his shrewish wife, he cannot betray their love.

Risking everything, they defy the powers that be to find the love of a lifetime.

Susan Johnson knows how to make the pages sizzle and burn and take forbidden passion to new heights. Though their love may be TABOO by society's standards, it's the kind of breathtaking love we wish we could share and anticipate in her next novel. Susan Johnson continues to combine the best in historical novels with the best in erotic fiction. VERY SENSUAL (Dec., 332 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin