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Beth Anne Taggart has known no one the way she knows her husband, Chaney. Before him she has no memory, no family, no love. All she has are nightmares of gunshots and death, but she longs to know the truth about her past. But Beth Annes search for the answers may reveal things Chaney doesnt want her to know.

When a drifter named Noah Rollins is hired to drive their horses to Fort Leavenworth for sale to the army, memories stir in Beth Annes mind. Her overwhelming adoration and love for Chaney causes her to suppress her doubts, but when a crooked lawman starts raising questions with his evil innuendoes and they come under attack from his minions, Beth Annes suspicions and Chaneys fears about the past resurface.

With Beth Anne as leader of the drive, the story moves with speed to a conclusion readers will have already guessed; what they wont know is just how it will unfold.

TAGGARTS LADY is Pygmalion with a dark side. Beth Anne is the woman Chaney made her to be, but a woman in her own right, too.

With stark realism and never shying away from strong emotions or violence, Deanna James has penned an unusual and intense romance with threads of redemption, sensuality and love, that will thrill western romance readers and the woman searching for deep meaning in her love stories. SENSUAL (Apr., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin