As a shop owner who makes jewelry and candleholders, Bridget can't afford for her sleep to be constantly interrupted with dreams of a sexual nature involving a man named Braze.

Braze has been searching for Bridget, his immortal mate, for centuries. Now he's found her, reborn as an Earth woman, with no memory of him, her immortality or their long-gone planet.

But Bridget's powers have grown over time, and although she has yet to accept who and what she is, she uses those powers to keep Braze at bay and the evil that is after her in check. But the evil is strong, and Bridget may, literally, have to go through hell to reclaim her past and embrace her future.

This is an intriguing story with another twist on where the gods of mythology originated. The language is crude, the sex is very explicit and the hero often borders on obnoxious. An attempted rape scene with demons is quite intense, and the sexual encounters between the hero and heroine are not very romantic, but this story does have a happily-ever-after. (Mar., 224 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley