In all her years as an animal behaviorist, Emma Jenkins has never seen a more mismatched canine/human pairing. The six-foot steely-eyed hunk looks wildly out of place with a six-pound, hairless, quivering, incontinent, male Chinese Crested improbably named Hairy.

Guilt is the major reason why Thomas Tobin is caring for this pathetic dog. Hairy's former owner was one of Thomas' informants and was brutally murdered. In fact, Thomas begins to suspect that little Hairy witnessed his master's killing, which could explain why the dog keeps freaking out when he sees a blender. Suddenly, Thomas sees Hairy as a potential witness; can Emma help unlock the code to Hairy's behavior?

Having gotten rid of her difficult ex-husband, Emma is not looking to start a new relationship. She has her hands full raising Leelee, the newly orphaned 12-year-old daughter of a dear friend. But Thomas' and Hairy's various issues soon entangle both Emma and Leelee. The problem is that a killer is still on the loose—and he may not be done killing.

If ever there was a hysterically funny pairing, Thomas and Hairy are it. As in her previous book, author Susan Donovan laces sexy and sizzling fun with humor galore. A real treat! (Aug., 352 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith