Image of Take a Chance on Me


Image of Take a Chance on Me

Mansell’s characters are quirky, charming and entertaining, with a supporting cast that is often as enchanting as the hero and heroine. Laughter and absurdity rule as Cleo and Johnny run the course from childhood adversaries to friends and then lovers over the time it takes him to fix up his father’s estate.

Living and working in the small town of Channing Hill, chauffeur Cleo is constantly running into everyone she knows, even those she would rather avoid. It’s a fact of small-town life made more apparent than ever when her childhood nemesis returns home to deal with his father’s estate. Every time she turns around Johnny is there, giving an opinion on her boyfriend or extracting her from a situation when that boyfriend is being a jerk. The more Cleo sees of Johnny, the more the attraction grows. (SOURCEBOOKS, Oct., 432 pp., $14.00)
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Sabrina Cooper