Talk about self-sabotage! Havens’ couple works very hard at talking themselves out of taking chances, and just when you think they should walk away, Havens reminds readers that love isn’t supposed to be easy. What works so well about these two is that they begin as friends, so Casey and Nick have a fairly solid foundation for a relationship. The suspense could have been drawn out more, and the history between Nick and Alvinia could have been expanded, maybe with more memory flashbacks, but overall this is an enjoyable, action-packed paranormal romance.

Casey is head over heels in lust with her best friend, only she doesn’t believe in herself enough to do anything about it. Nick has it all: money and good looks to spare, not to mention the seemingly endless stream of Barbies occupying his time. How can Casey compete? Her track record with men is pretty abysmal, and her only sexual outlet in recent memory has been of the battery-operated variety. Casey doesn’t realize it, but Nick has the same lusty feelings for her, and keeps his distance only because he wants to protect her, and fears that revealing his true nature will send Casey running in the opposite direction. But when an enemy from the past sets her sights on destroying Casey, Nick is forced to confess his feelings, introducing Casey to the world of Vrykolakas, a race of werewolves turned vampire. Will the truth destroy their relationship before it gets started, or do Casey and Nick have a shot at eternal love? (ENTANGLEDPUBLISHING.COM, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty