Image of Take Me


Image of Take Me

Talia's world is one where women are in short supply and the men she's trained
to "serve" are in no sense pleasant. The narrative is thin on the history behind the current shortage, and it's a bit difficult to understand Talia's reluctance to ruin the plans of the men who only abuse her. But the sex scenes between the lead characters are plentiful and surprisingly well done.

Talia of Zortou only knows one way of life -- as a Rosabelle, a woman trained to please the man or men who are the highest bidders when a female turns 18. Ryder, of the planet Belton, has come to uncover and foil the planned invasion of his planet. Kidnapping Talia is the key to spoiling the plans of the men who own her, but Ryder's growing feelings may interfere with his mission. Talia's abduction could be her best and possibly only chance to change her life and find the love she never dreamed she could. (APHRODISIA, Aug., 250 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins