Readers who are looking for a sexy tale will be satisfied with this novella. Although there is very little character development on the part of the hero, Lucas, readers will connect with heroine Evie's struggles with sibling rivalry. However, the amount of hyperbole in the story may disturb some readers, as everything is "too much" or "too big." Nonetheless, the short format works well for this erotica. In just a few pages, Evie is able to overcome her insecurities with the help of the heart-stopping Lucas, which leads to a very pleasing conclusion.

Evie has always felt outshined by her sister, especially now that the younger woman is getting married. On the weekend of the wedding Evie is feeling particularly lonely and undesirable. Her situation is only intensified by the fact that Lucas is also attending the event. Last year Evie made it clear that she would be interested in having a fling with him but he showed no interest.

Lucas has always wanted Evie badly. But he knew that she wasn't ready to get involved when she flirted with him a year ago. Now he has come to the wedding in order to get closer to her. After the festivities, Lucas makes his move and shy Evie starts to come out of her shell. But will this liaison be more than one night of breathless passion? (HARLEQUIN, Sept. 2011, dl., $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne