Corgiat again works her magic, writing about real people readers can identify with who must grapple with familiar problems. The three-dimensional characters that move and grow through these stories tug at your heart and make you look at yourself. Don't miss this author.

In spite of a rocky start, Florida Jones is now confident, lovely and engaged to a wealthy man. Her daughter is healthy and happy and her business is growing. Everything is perfect, until a devastating accident forces her to realize that her fiance wants only perfection; her daughter needs things she can no longer do for her; and her past is catching up to her. Each of these things would be hard to face by itself, but how can she deal with them all at once? Florida must reach way down inside herself to find out how to build the life she wants. (Signet Eclipse, Sep., 369 pp., $6.99) Bunny Callahan
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan