Image of Take Me Home


Image of Take Me Home

Few romance authors tread into WW II territory with as much compassion and respect as Garlock. Now she tackles the delicate issues of an enemy in the midst of Middle America during a time of heightened tension. Garlock’s lovely, sweet novel is a testament to the last great generation.

With the news that America will soon enter the war, Olivia Marsten has a difficult choice to make: marry her childhood friend before he ships out, or send him off brokenhearted. Olivia accepts his proposal, but then a stranger comes to town. Peter Becker escaped from a train transporting prisoners of war cross-country. Though he was forced to serve in the German army, he is the son of an American and speaks English. Olivia is drawn to Peter even though she’s promised to Billy. If Peter and Olivia have any dreams for a future, those hopes are dashed when another escapee arrives in Miller’s Creek. Peter must choose safety over helping his new friends and have faith that their love will survive. (GRAND CENTRAL, Jul., 368 pp., $26.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin