Image of Take Me If You Can (Signet Eclipse)


Image of Take Me If You Can (Signet Eclipse)

While a quite intriguing and action-packed story with plenty of sexual
tension, Kendall's story is shorter on humor than some of her previous tales. The secondary thread involving the heroine's friend is disappointing. The intelligent heroine has some scenes in which she comes across as ignorant, and the injuries received by both the hero and heroine are given short shrift.

As a partner in stolen art recovery company ARTemis Inc., Avy's current job is to recover the Sword of Alexander, suspected of being stolen by British thief Liam James. While Avy's finding out all she can about Liam, he's doing the same about her. Following her from Florida to London, Liam's confronts Avy, leaving her both furious and intrigued.

As Avy continues to hunt for the sword, she's also becoming emotionally, as well as physically, involved with Liam and discovering that there's a lot more to this theft -- as well as this thief -- than meets the eye. (Signet Eclipse, Apr., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley