Image of Take No Prisoners (Black Ops, Book 2)


Image of Take No Prisoners (Black Ops, Book 2)

Round two of the Black Ops Inc. adventures keeps the danger quotient high and the revenge motivations boiling. Gerard's tough band of protagonists don't shy away from facing or executing the dark and dirty side of covert
security. This author has truly found
her niche!

Black Ops operative Sam Lang has only returned to active status to destroy Fredrick Nader, the terrorist who murdered his sister. Abbie Hughes suspects her kid brother, Cory, is in trouble, but she has no idea how much -- he's caught in the middle of a war over stolen diamonds between Nader and his archrival, Desmond Fox, and is being held hostage.

At first, revenge is the only emotion driving Sam -- until he starts to care about Abbie. When Abbie discovers Sam's true motives for romancing her, the fur is going to fly. But they'll have to put that aside to rescue Cory. (POCKET, Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith