Kayla Sheridan spends her wedding night searching for her vanished groom. When she drives to her new husband's house, she discovers a strange man claiming to be Nick Granville, the man she thought she married. Bridge engineer Nick has been out of the country for months and is alarmed to discover someone has been living in his house and spending his money. Having a strange young woman show up looking for her husband is the topper.

Realizing they've been duped, Nick and Kayla soon learn that this elaborate fraud has been perpetrated by Nick's college nemesis Evan Chadwick. Evan is a brilliant con artist who taunts them both with the knowledge that he's not done with them yet. Something in Kayla's family history is at the root of his scam, and unlocking the clues will not be easy.

Terrific and twisty intrigue makes this novel choice reading. Freethy drags her characters through vast emotions, barely giving them time to react, all the while dangling clues. An amazingly gripping, fascinating mystery! (Jun., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith