Image of Taken


Image of Taken
TAKEN (3) by Lilith Saintcrow: After her friend is murdered and she becomes the target of vampires, Sophie Wilson takes refuge with the shapeshifting werewolves known as the Carcajou, including Zach. She learns she is destined to be their shaman. She can save the Carcajou from a homeless existence and the possibility of going wild and never regaining their humanity. When Zach realizes that Sophie is also his mate, he’s determined to protect her at all costs, especially when he learns that the vampire sent to kill her is her newly-turned abusive ex-husband. Taken offers a novel and entertaining storyline. The characters are a bit simplistic, although that may have been done purposefully to highlight their animalistic natures, and the description of Zach’s shifts is a bit weak. Readers might have a hard time imagining what Zach looks like as his animal.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay