Image of The Taken: Celestial Blues: Book One (Celestial Blues Trilogy)


Image of The Taken: Celestial Blues: Book One (Celestial Blues Trilogy)

Pettersson’s amazing new series is off to a rocking start with this compelling read. Kit Craig may style herself into the past, but her heart is firmly in the present, desperate to believe a man who saved her life. That doesn’t mean Kit will stop searching for answers, even if it makes it harder on Grif to keep her alive. Both protagonists are stubborn, but where death has jaded Grif, it only seems to strengthen Kit. In the end, though, Grif may have free will, but he knows saving Kit will have consequences. He must decide if he wants the new girl or the truth about the old.

Griffin Shaw died 50 years ago, murdered by someone he can’t remember. He has spent the subsequent years as a Centurion angel, someone who guides others who have been murdered into the afterlife. He messed up, though, and let one of his takes change the future after she died. Now Grif is back in his flesh to take Katherine “Kit” Craig, in order to set things right, but he can’t just sit by and watch this rockabilly reporter be murdered — especially since she’s making him feel something he hasn’t experienced since he was murdered and his wife, Evie, died with him.

Kit and Grif take on Las Vegas together, desperate to find out who murdered Kit’s friend and stop them from striking again. If only the most powerful men in the city weren’t somehow involved. (HARPER VOYAGER, Jun., 432 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker