Image of Taken by Desire


Image of Taken by Desire

Kent’s characters are truly taken by desire as this heated romance plays out between two independent people who want to take control of their lives. The high degree of sensuality allows Kent to draw out the story as her characters strive to maintain control of their lives; suppressing communication in favor of sex; if only the intensity of emotion equaled the heat of the passion.

The instant Anna Steele inherited a fortune she fled her father’s house to start a life free of any man’s control, but when it appears her half-sister Maddie is in trouble, the usually staid Anna kisses a stranger, compromising herself. Alexander Struthers has returned from India a wealthy man with no desire to marry. One moment he is trying to help his cousin and the next he is thrust up against a wall by a scantily clad woman. Before the rumors can start they are engaged. Though the desire that flares between them is hot, they struggle to find ways to share the secrets of their pasts and fears for the present. Anna is caught in a situation with her manipulative cousins and sister; Alex is trapped by memories of how he claimed his wealth. Coming to terms with their forced marriage they must learn to trust in and out of bed. (AVON, Dec., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin