Image of Taken by Fire


Image of Taken by Fire

Creative interwoven subplots bring together all the remaining agents of the ACRO forces for the final book in the series. The gripping, fast-paced story adds fascinating characters to the already talented mix and the sex burns up the pages.

The result of a laboratory experiment, Melanie and Phoebe Miles occupy the same body but different parts of the brain with distinctly different personalities. Phoebe destroys with flames and abuses her power while Mel controls ice and is more circumspect. Stryker Wills witnessed Phoebe murder his friend and now has her as his prisoner. He soon discovers it is Mel who is in his possession and that he’ll need to utilize her skills to harness her sister. His own power of starting earthquakes is severely tested during his attempts to prevent Mel from switching to Phoebe, his battles with his superiors, and his need to stop an attempt to destroy part of the modern world. (BANTAM, Jul., 304 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown