Image of Taken By Her Greek Boss


Image of Taken By Her Greek Boss
After a public breakup with his mistress, Nick Papaeliou offers a ride home to aspiring actress Lily Taylor. But it's her older sister Rose who captures his interest. Although things get off to a bumpy start, Nick offers her a consulting job to help her through a crisis. The sexual attraction erupts and the two have a passionate affair. For Rose it's love, but for Nick it means maybe moving in together. Will Nick make the ultimate commitment when he finds out Rose is pregnant? Cathy Williams' Taken by Her Greek Boss (2) starts off with great potential and some laugh-out-loud humor, but the developing relationship quickly turns hot and cold. Unfortunately, it's more cold than hot. Nick finally professes his undying passion on the last page, and it feels like a tacked-on ending.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers