Image of Taken to the Limit (The Limit War Book 1)


Image of Taken to the Limit (The Limit War Book 1)

Readers are thrown into the Limit War as quickly as the heroine Korina. This fast paced, action packed novella is a thrilling read as innovative weapons and other advanced technologies are used by aliens to try and destroy Earth. But Morrow will never let that happen, not when he has Korina to protect. Their bond is instantaneous and their passion undeniable. This is a fantastic read that will have sci fi and romance fans alike wanting to take up arms to help these characters win the war.

Despite doctor Korina Antonakis’ surprise at having an injured man materialize in her ER, her first thought is to tend to his wounds. The shocks keep coming when aliens start attacking the hospital. Korina has no choice but to pick up a weapon and join the Limit War to save Earth from invaders. Amidst the haze of battle, Korina fights along side the elite Nightfighter Sergeant Morrow. Sworn to work alone, Morrow quickly comes to realize what an asset Korina is to the war effort and how important she is to him. (Liquid Silver Books, December 2010, dl. $5.50) *Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne