Image of Taken by the Night (Brotherhood of Blood)


Image of Taken by the Night (Brotherhood of Blood)

Smith merges vampire lore and murder as the Brotherhood of Blood series continues with London in the grip of a series of Jack the Ripper-style killings. She engages the reader in the mystery and the paranormal elements as well as in the lives of her three-dimensional characters.

For 600 years Saint has been a vampire. He has loved and lost and has sealed his heart away -- until he arrives at Maison Rouge, the brothel that is his home away from home.

Saint watched Ivy Dearing, the madam's daughter, grow from a child into a glorious woman. Now he helps her investigate the murders of two Maison women, and when more women are killed, it becomes clear that their connection to the house and Ivy is no accident, and that she may be the next target. Saint's thirst for Ivy's kiss is as stirring as his need for blood. Yet the danger is more potent and powerful than even he can imagine. (Avon, Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin