Image of Taken by the Prince


Image of Taken by the Prince

Mix fairy-tale elements with strong characters, passion and a kidnapping and you have Dodd at her absolute best. She’ll hold old fans and new enthralled with the latest in her Governess Bride series.

There was only one time prim Lady Victoria Cardiff let her guard down: sharing a kiss with Raul Lawrence, the Viscount Grimsborough’s rakish son, who saved her from falling off a balcony. They meet again when Victoria and her charges visit the principality of Moricadia, and Raul fears Victoria has unearthed his secret — that he is the rebel leader known as the Saber and the missing prince of Moricadia. He ensures that Victoria will tell no one by sweeping her way to his castle deep in the forest. Locked away, Raul learns that Victoria is more stubborn than he imagined and it will be far more difficult to seduce the proper governess than to gain her silence. Victoria is fascinated and irritated by Raul and is caught between believing in his cause and the passion he arouses which goes against everything she has believed true. Raul has worked his entire life to fulfill his destiny as prince, but will the love of one woman change his heart? (SIGNET SELECT, Apr., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin