The breeding program of the Weybourne thoroughbreds, designed to produce the fastest horses in the world, has been struck by tragedy. First illness strikes leaving only the stallion Shareb-er-rehh and one mare, then fire destroys the stable, killing Lord Weybourne.

Weybourne's daughter Ariadne disappears with the stallion to prevent her wastrel brother, Tristan, from selling him. She is determined to reach Norfolk and her fianc, Lord Maxwell, who has the mare, to ensure that the line continues.

In London, Ariadne encounters Colin Lord, a veterinarian with lavender eyes and an incredible rapport with animals. Ariadne hires Colin to travel with her to Norfolk and care for Shareb. Because the reward posted by her brother makes Ariadne the target of every bounty hunter in the area, Colin's job becomes protecting Ariadne as well as Shereb, and he finds himself enchanted with the fiery heiress. As for Ariadne, she soon wonders how she can marry one man when her heart belongs to another.

TAKEN BY STORM will please readers who adore animals. Shereb is an unusual horse and Ms. Harmon allows us into the mind of this arrogant thoroughbred as the future of the humans he favors comes to depends on the stallion's great heart. SENSUAL (Aug., 387 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce