Though the pacing is uneven, Taken
by Storm is an entertaining, satisfying read. The verbal repartee between Burke and Storm is enjoyable, but
the large cast of characters takes
away the emotional impact of the
love story.

Storm is a female Robin Hood. Instead of stealing from the rich, she frees people from prisons. American Burke Longton has traveled to Scotland to find his brother Cullen, who has been imprisoned. For a fee Storm allows Burke to stay with her band of outlaws until they find Cullen.

Sparks continually fly as Burke grapples with taking orders from a woman that he wants to bed. Storm fights her attraction to Burke, and won't admit her feelings even when he asks her to return to America as his wife. When they locate Cullen, will she be able to save him from certain death or will Burke have to rescue her?
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager