Image of Taken By Storm (Whitfield Brides)


Image of Taken By Storm (Whitfield Brides)

Fans will be thrilled with this final entry in the Whitfield Brides trilogy. Simone has finally moved on from her deadbeat ex-husband and is ready to embrace life and new love. She and Rafe are as evenly matched as her
sister and cousin are with their mates. There are layers to Rafe that are peeled back as the story unfolds. He's a keeper, and so is this series.

Simone Whitfield witnesses the attempted murder of a judge. Thanks to her quick thinking, the assailant is apprehended and Simone becomes the star witness in the upcoming trial. Enter federal marshal Rafe, installed as her bodyguard.

Simone is determined to move forward, grow her floral business and make the best of an awkward situation. The surprise is how seamlessly Rafe fits into her routine. He takes his job seriously but becomes totally enchanted with his charge. Rather than hiding in her house, Simone proves what a strong, independent woman can accomplish. (Kimani/Arabesque, Aug., 299 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins