Image of Taken by a Vampire (A Vampire Queen Novel)


Image of Taken by a Vampire (A Vampire Queen Novel)

This is a powerful, dark look at the relationship between vampires and their servants. On the other hand, as the search for a renegade vampire continues, it’s also a slow-building love story. Alanna’s total acceptance of her fate and her view of herself as “only” a servant is a bit wearying on the reader, but this is ultimately the story of three people who deserve the peace of a loving relationship. Time may be the enemy of this trio, but there is always the hope for forever. Contains m/m and m/f/m content.

As an inherited servant to a rogue vampire she betrayed, Alanna’s future is set for her — when Stephen is captured and destroyed, her life must also end. The vampire queen entrusts her to the care of Evan and his servant, Niall. They are to keep her safe as she recovers from the vicious mind assaults by Stephen. The persistent, loving care of the two men brings her to a place where she finally sees herself as worthy of a future. But what happens when Stephen is captured? There’s also the issue of Niall’s mortality: As a vampire Evan is immortal, but Niall is near the end of his life. Is there a way for all three to secure their future together? (HEAT, May, 466 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins