Convent-bred Luca Santiago is on her way to Cuba to marry Don Diego del Fuego when her ship is captured by English privateer Morgan Scott alias El Diablo.

Though he despises all Spaniards, Morgan cannot leave Luca to die on her burning ship and takes her with him to his island hideout.

Luca has been wearing her nun's habit in an effort to discourage Morgan from taking her virtue. However, the rugged pirate continues to follow a path of seduction until Luca surrenders.

Once her brother finds Morgan's island, however, he forces them to wed. Still, Don Diego desires Luca as his mistress and takes her captive. Morgan rescues Luca again, this time taking her to England and leaving her there for her safety.

Treated with disrespect because she is Spanish, Luca follows Morgan to London. Then, fearing Morgan no longer loves her, she decides to return to Spain, an act that forces Morgan to confront his true feelings for her.

TAKEN BY YOU is a book that, though filled with adventure, centers on the characters' struggle to build a relationship based on love and trust. SENSUAL (Feb., 368 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager