Molly Sloan first senses that something is seriously wrong when she sees eerie, iridescent rain one morning. Scattered reports from around the world indicate that terrible rains, flooding and other extreme weather phenomena are hitting everywhere. When TV, radio, the Internet and phone communications are lost, Molly and husband Neil decide that it would be wise to head into town to band together with the rest of the locals.

Upon arriving, Molly and Neil discover that much of the town is either dead or missing. It's quickly becoming apparent that the freak weather is just the opening salvo in a war of destruction. Something is stalking the town's inhabitants with an inhuman ruthless efficiency.

Taking nightmarish fears to the next notch, Koontz delivers his creepiest and most horrific story yet. This apocalyptic thriller is truly haunting. (Jun., 338 pp., $27.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith