Image of The Taking


Image of The Taking

While The Taking is slow to start, by halfway readers will be legitimately unable to put the book down. The mystery, romance and action add up to create a roller coaster of a read. Main character Kyla’s feelings of not belonging are so tangible and realistic, it feels like she could walk right off of the page. Slowly piecing together what happened to her is exciting yet terrifying, and will make this a fast read for everyone.

Kyla is no ordinary girl; she is an all-star on the softball field. Scouts come to watch her play, and a huge scholarship to college could be in her grasp. And according to her dad, that is a chance she can’t turn down. But to Kyla, all that matters is going to college with her boyfriend, Austin. When the subject comes up again, in the car, Kyla gets out to escape. There is a blast of bright light — and Kyla wakes up behind a dumpster at the local gas station. She is still wearing her uniform, swears the fight happened last night and has the same bruise she got last week. But she goes home to find that five years have passed, and the only thing that stayed the same is Kyla. (HARPERTEEN, Apr., 368 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780062293602, HC, 13 & Up)
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Julie Knowles