Image of Taking Aim


Image of Taking Aim
TAKING AIM (4) by Elle James: There is nothing that Jacie Kosart won’t do to find her kidnapped twin — even trek with a virtual stranger into a drug cartel’s clutches. Former FBI agent Zach Adams has been assigned to search for Jacie’s sister, protect Jacie and — if he’s lucky — find redemption in breaking down the gang responsible for his partner’s death. What he doesn’t expect is strong-willed Jacie not only demanding to accompany him, but winding up in a killer’s crosshairs. This next installment of the Covert Cowboys series delves deep into a man’s shattered psyche and the woman strong enough to bring him back from the edge. Throw in a dash of sexy sizzle, vicious gunmen and an international pipeline, and readers get a first-class adventure story.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper