Three authors create a trio of hot novellas sure to charm the pants off romance and erotica lovers.

In McLane's "Driven," which is loaded with sex but light on plot, a bestselling mystery writer looks to a perky romance author to help spice up his latest novel. In turn, he'll act as mentor for her first-ever romantic suspense. Leave it to this duo to do their research between the sheets.

Ryan's "What Happens in Vegas" is the strongest novella in the collection. She infuses the intrigue of Vegas with a scorching romance between the mysterious Jay, who's cleaning up at the blackjack table, and Libby, a good-intentioned woman working for a bad man.

Lastly, in Blake's "Brushstrokes," Mia takes a much-needed job painting a local bar on her 30th birthday. Owner Rick fights getting involved with the orphaned woman, looking at her as a temptation he doesn't need. As far as heroines go, Mia is top-notch, pulling at all the right heartstrings. (Aug., 280 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg