Image of Taking Care of Business (Black Lace)


Image of Taking Care of Business (Black Lace)

Hart and Dane combine their creative talents in this delicious tale of two friends' romantic exploits during an otherwise tedious business conference. Both ladies battle inner demons to emerge triumphant with the men they allow into their hearts. For their part, the sexy heroes are up to the task of meeting the strong-willed women head on. Keep the ice water near. These pages sizzle with sexual heat!

After Leah's breakup with her domineering boyfriend, she's not looking for another relationship. Then she meets a sizzlingly hot hotel manager who's eager to please.

During long-distance business meetings, attorney Kate begins an affair with Dix, an executive in her friend Leah's office. When a move brings Kate closer to Dix, is she ready to surrender her heart? (BLACK LACE, Apr., 284 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Bella March