Image of Taking Chances


Image of Taking Chances

McAdams hits many new adult highlights here: freshman year of college, first boyfriend, much-discussed virginity. There’s drama galore as Harper works to figure out who she is. But Harper is also a problem: She’s wishy-washy to the extreme, and the way she behaves around the multiple boys who fall for her is frustrating. They call her “sweetheart” and “princess,” they carry her around, they constantly defend her — despite her protestations that she can take care of herself. Readers will want Harper to grow up, bigtime.

Harper is thrilled to head to California for college, to get away from her basically absentee Marine Corps dad. Harper soon meets her roommate Bree, Bree’s brother, Chase and his houseful of roommates. Harper is inexplicably drawn to Chase, who is always pulling away. Then she meets another roommate, Brandon, and feels conflicted. Whom should she choose? Or will the choice be made for her? (MORROW, Apr., 464 pp., $14.99, ISBN: 9780062267689, TR, 18 & Up)

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Marie Bongiorno