Image of Taking Chase (The Chase Brothers, Book 2)


Image of Taking Chase (The Chase Brothers, Book 2)

The second story in the Chase Brothers series is another likable, albeit formulaic, romance. Cassie is a driven woman and has certainly been through a lot in life. Fortunately, she doesn't let those experiences stop her from getting to know Shane and giving their burgeoning relationship a try. Shane is sexy, protective and loving. However, his commitment issues pale in comparison to what Cassie has gone through, making him seem like a stock character. This is a character-driven story that provides no surprises but does have a poignant love story at its heart.

Cassie Gambol has just arrived in Petal, Ga., with a history of violence and danger following her. She's escaped from a violent ex-husband who has ruined her life and her career. The last thing she wants is to love another man, but Sheriff Shane Chase is captivated by her. Shane's short on trust because his fiancee cheated on him. Cassie's short on trusting handsome men, period. Their relationship is put to the test as violence and love collide. (Samhain, Feb., 136 pp., $11.50)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Wethern