Image of A Tale of Two Demon Slayers


Image of A Tale of Two Demon Slayers

As far as Lizzie Brown is concerned, both destiny and demon-slaying are major pains in her tush. The third outing in Fox's wacky supernatural saga continues to vividly demonstrate why this author is on the fast track. The combo of chills and hilarity is delicious, and Lizzie's internal musings are highly entertaining. Hang on for a rollicking good ride!

Despite her recent demon-busting successes, Lizzie still needs some serious demon-slayer training. Luckily her Harley-riding witch grandma has agreed to take her coven and move the training to Greece, where Dimitri, Lizzie's griffin lover, lives.

Lizzie managed to break the curse that doomed Dimitri's two sisters to die at age 28, but a new problem has arisen. Someone or something has stolen a piece of Lizzie's magic, which could allow them to manipulate her. Although Dimitri's sisters are thrilled to see Lizzie, Amara, Dimitri's former fiancee, is anything but. And if Lizzie didn't have enough on her plate, her talking dog Pirate has bonded with a baby dragon and wants to keep it. Dark powers are rising, and Lizzie fears she cannot trust her own magic. (LOVE SPELL, Feb., 308 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith