Previously published as single titles, this anthology by a talented author brings together three women who are determine to make their own way in the 1800s, which was not an easy task. Their courage and strong faith lead
them to their destiny.

In 1866, Richmond, Va., Bridget McKenna has dreamed for four years of bringing her father and siblings to America from Ireland. She dislikes anything English because of how her family has suffered. Lance York, the new stable master, cannot figure out why Bridget is shooting daggers at him every time he sees her. Bridget may soon realize not all Englishmen are bad, but it will take time and persistence on Lance's part to make both of their dreams come true in "Bridget's Bargain."

In "Kate Ties the Knot," set in 1855 North Carolina, Kate Flynn likes being independent and having her own dressmaking shop. She has done well for herself and her son, Adam. When Adam gets into trouble with shipbuilder John O'Keefe, Kate must swallow her pride. Will Kate and John forge a new beginning with the help of a fatherless 8-year-old?

Valerie Carter lost everything she held dear during the Civil War. She has started teaching in Michigan, and her students are helping thaw her frozen heart in "Follow the Leader." When she meets Paul Collins, a widower with three school-age children, she can't help being attracted to him. Can Paul's way at looking at life help Valerie learn to forgive? (WHITAKER HOUSE, Jan., 400 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans