Model Eve Dupree has a secret -- she is more than a pretty face, she also likes to invent things. She is building a hovercraft in her garage when an engine mishap causes a small explosion. That brings Eve and her project to the attention of electrical engineer Charlie Shepard.

Charlie finds himself aroused by Eve and her amazing project. However, he has his own dream, which doesn't include staying in Connecticut -- he plans to work at the Hoover Dam, so getting involved romantically is a bad idea. Still, Eve and the hovercraft are enticing, and Charlie is soon hooked. Despite efforts to keep Eve's project a secret, family and friends are suddenly involved. Regrettably, someone's motives may be less than pure, for there's sabotage and theft going around. Regardless of their differences, no one should count out the electricity between Eve and Charlie.

In Thompson's latest Nerd novel, both the hero and heroine fit the description. Filled with zany characters and lots of sexy situations and innuendo, Talk Nerdy to Me is highly charged! (Feb., 357 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith