The honeymoon doesn't get off to a banner start. As Kelly Atwood stares into the unconscious face of her new husband, Raymond, she knows she's been taken by a con man. That she knocked him out was pure luck—she instinctively threw a left hook after he slapped her. Grabbing her suitcase, Kelly stumbles over two ominous goons outside and flees.

Upon arriving in Seattle, she dumps Raymond's BMW and takes the bus for anonymity. Her seatmate turns out to be outrageous beautician Myrtle Crabtree. Before long, Kelly is spilling her story to Myrtle, who offers Kelly a place to stay in Paradise, WA. For Kelly, her arrival in town is love at first sight.

Attorney Sam Grayson recently returned to Paradise following a bad romantic experience. He's grown tired of big-city law and wants a change of pace. However, the minute he gets an eyeful of the exotic Kelly, he knows that peace is not on his agenda. Unfortunately, Kelly's past is about to rear its ugly head.

Many people are not born into an ideal family, so finding the courage to build your own can be an amazing gift. Suzanne MacPherson has created a wonderfully supportive and offbeat town that is a joy to visit. A funny and charming love story. (Aug., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith