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Image of Talk of the Town

Casting aside her pseudonyms (Leslie Lynn, Lynn Leslie), Bodine pens a funny, energetic and charming story that's sure to entertain many readers. With a formula that includes a peppy and optimistic heroine and an equally amusing yet reserved hero, it's hard to go wrong
with this novel. The depth and reality of Bodine's characters make the story come alive, and readers will finish the novel with a happy feeling inside.

Demoted from her job as gossip columnist after 15 years to recipe writer for the home and food section, Rebecca Covington vows to not only get her job back but to make the best of her new position, despite her lack of cooking skills. Prepared to confront the new CEO, David Sumner, about his decision to replace her with a younger writer, Rebecca is surprised by the arousing effect he has on her and realizes that reclaiming her status may be harder than she initially thought. Their powerful chemistry has each questioning the other's motives and thrusts them into a passionate relationship. (FOREVER, Dec., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Autumn Harrison