After years of wasting her time on her weight-obsessed fiancé, feng shui expert Rachel Fortier decides to break with the past. As fate would have it, she's just made contact with her biological grandmother, who invites her out to Louisiana for a visit. Bayou Black is a long way from D.C., and Rachel wonders if she's lost her mind when she arrives at Gizelle Fortier's rustic property and witnesses a bizarre confrontation between her gun-toting grandma and several handsome men.

To make his helicopter-charter business more successful, Remy LeDeux wants to purchase several acres of Ms. Fortier's property. But she has a long-standing grudge against Remy's father, so she greets him with barrels blazing. Into this wacky scene sweeps a magnificent redhead who has Remy snapping to attention. Despite his visible scars, Rachel decides he is one of most devastatingly attractive men she has ever seen. But isn't she supposed to be off men at the moment?

Humor and author Sandra Hill are definitely a winning team. TALL, DARK AND CAJUN is Hill's latest flat-out funny, sexy and touching story. Always a treat! (Jul., 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith