Image of Tall, Dark and Cowboy


Image of Tall, Dark and Cowboy

In a charming, if slightly predictable, story, Kennedy has created a woman learning to stand on her own feet and a man whose basic instinct to help is buried under bitterness. Though these two don’t appear to fit with each other, readers will be fascinated by the characters, if not the plot.

Trophy wife Lacey Bradford runs away after learning that her recently ended marriage was to a criminal. Angry at herself for not realizing what was going on, Lacey takes nothing but a beat-up car and runs back to her old friend Chase Caldwell for help. But Chase is not the person she remembers from high school. Embittered by the loss of his family farm because of shady deals perpetrated by Lacey’s ex-husband, he has buried his love for Lacey. When Lacey asks for his help, he rejects her but she settles in his town, and old feelings begin resurfacing. Chase’s rejection of her cuts deeply, but she sees his point and starts to rebuild herself as a woman able to stand on her own. When Lacey’s past follows her home, she and Chase have to learn to deal with each other in order to survive long enough to find a future. (SOURCEBOOKS, Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper