Florida Attorney Marnie Newcastle has made a name for herself as a tough-as-nails lawyer. But when a stalker invades her home and kidnaps her, Marnie realizes there are some things even she cant handle. Given Marnies history, no one except her friend Samantha Miller takes Marnies disappearance seriously.

Fitness therapist Samanthas day goes from bad to worse when she realizes that not only has Marnie disappeared, but Sams ex-lover, former rock star Rowan Dillon, has reappeared in Coconut Groveliving only a few doors down from Sam. They parted under painful circumstances, and Sam has never forgiven Rowan for breaking her heart.

But it is Rowan who first begins to believe that Sam may be right about Marnies disappearance. As they dig deeper, they find that several local women have vanished. Sam is closer than she realizes to discovering the truth, for this killer has been keeping a very close eye on her.

The consistently great Heather Graham delivers loads of terror and thrills in her newest release, TALL, DARK, AND DEADLY. A great way to get your blood pumping. (July, 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith