This sensual vampire tale (originally released as part of the Things That
Go Bump in the Night II
anthology) focuses on two interesting characters -- the seductive Claude and the heroine, Eloise. There's a strong attraction between the two, but Claude still feels compelled to use his psychic powers
to get what he wants. A longer story might have allowed for more detail, such as how Eloise will change after bonding with Claude. However, readers will find this a quick and entertaining escape.

Eloise Kern may be a published author, but she's about to become homeless. Her rental is going condo and she needs the down payment fast. If she can only get well-known horror actor Claude Darvell to star in a movie based on her vampire screenplay. That would solve her problems.

But when she meets the suave, smooth-talking actor, she can't keep her mind on business. Claude is taken with Eloise as well. But Claude is a real vampire and to make matters worse, an old enemy has surfaced with murder on his mind. How can Claude keep Eloise safe when he can't even tell her who he really is?


Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski