Image of Tall, Dark and Deadly (St. Martins)


Image of Tall, Dark and Deadly (St. Martins)

Not for the weak or squeamish, O'Clare's novel is rife with graphic
sex and violence -- often in combination. O'Clare writes edgy suspense with tough-as-nails characters who endure more than most can imagine and they come out stronger on the other side.

Ten years ago Lt. Grace Jordan escaped life as a sex slave -- a sentence she'd endured for five years. She fled with her young daughter and made a new life for herself as a member of the police force in Rockville, S.D. When the small town suffers a string of violent sex crimes, FBI agent Justin Reece is called in to help.

As the murders continue, a disturbing pattern begins to point to Grace's past. Is her captor leaving her a message from the grave, or has someone found out about her carefully guarded past? Together Justin and Grace must solve the murders before Grace and her young daughter are the final victims. But doing so means Grace must let go and trust Justin completely with her past. (St. Martin's, Apr., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton