Image of Tall, Dark and Disreputable


Image of Tall, Dark and Disreputable

Marlowe pens another winner full of memorable characters, authentic historical details and lots of action, mystery and passion. Regency historical fans are in for a treat.

Mateo Cardea is the last man Lady Portia Tofton should trust, but he’s also the answer to a prayer. Portia’s late husband gambled away her home, and the new owner wants her out. Mateo prefers the open seas, but he has come to England to get back his inheritance, which his father left to Portia. The two strike a deal: If he helps her save her home, she’ll return his shipping company. Their quest to find the mysterious new owner leads them on a merry chase, with lots of twists and turns and complications. The biggest complication is the passion that burns between them. And with a little help from two surprising matchmakers, the duo find that love is not a place but a journey that can be shared. (HARLEQUIN, Apr., 288 pp., $6.25)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer