The fifth and final book of Rowen's offbeat, first-person Immortality Bites series races to its highly satisfactory conclusion. The plot threads that have been woven throughout the series finally blend together to reveal the finished tapestry. Rowen's sassy style of storytelling has allowed this plucky heroine to blossom while she takes readers on an amazing journey. Brava!

To say that vampire Sarah Dearly is caught between a rock and a hard place truly sums up her current predicament. A witch's curse has turned Sarah into a nightwalker, a killer vampire, and only an enchanted gold chain keeps her beast in check. Adding to her problems, millionaire vampire hunter Gideon Chase has threatened everyone Sarah loves if she doesn't agree to turn him into a vampire.

Gideon also insists Sarah break up with her true love, master vampire Thierry. Sarah must battle her dark side and her sneaking sympathy for Gideon if she is going to find a way out of this major mess. (FOREVER, Sep., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith