Image of Tall Tales and Wedding Veils


Image of Tall Tales and Wedding Veils

A breath of pure romance, this book is a real charmer. You will laugh, cringe and cheer. The characters are realistic -- and there are no spies, vampires or psychics -- the plot is believable and the storyline is really identifiable. If you like Jennifer Crusie, you will go for this one. I sure did.

In a classic case of things not staying in Vegas, Heather, a no-nonsense CPA, returns to Plano, Texas, married to Tony, a local hunk and all-round player. It will take a month to get an annulment.

Tony, trying to save Heather from humiliation, suggests they live together for the month, then say things didn't work out, rather than admit that a champagne celebration got out of hand. Naturally, that doesn't work out. Between Tony's teaching Heather to let her hair down and laugh a little, and Heather showing him how to start his dream venture of running a sports bar, the whole temporary thing begins to shift toward something a lot more permanent. (FOREVER, Jun., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan