One of series romance's most beloved storytellers brings her popular Tallchief series to single-title status in a rip-roaring, heart-stealing tale of love and courtship in the modern West.

She has come to Tallchief Mountain every year to mourn. Elspeth Tallchief makes this secret pilgrimage in remembrance of the child conceived in a night of wild passion with a dashing stranger who then went upon his way with no apparent further thought of any possible consequences.

Alek Petrovna will not marry again. The death of one wife as he pursued his journalistic career through war zones of is enough to bear. But when, years later, he learns that an act of desperate passion has resulted in a child, he leaves no stone unturned to track Elspeth down to the family lair in Amen Flats, Wyoming, and demand an accounting.

What he finds is a spellbinding love beyond his wildest expectations. But can his irresistible force persuade the unmovable object of Elspeth's heart to let down its barriers?

Already a legend in the annals of series romance, the Tallchief clan will sweep you away into a joyous adventure of the heart no reader will want to miss. (Feb., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer