Image of Talons


Image of Talons

The five tales featured in this unique anthology all revolve around one thing: shape-shifting birds of prey. Each author crafts a believable world populated with creatures who are realistic in their chosen situations. While some of the novellas are faster-paced than others, each features passionate characters in very (a)rousing situations!

When Bridget Sawyer wakes to find a huge bird in her bedroom, she doesn't realize how lucky she is. For centuries, Khail has been Unkind, a shape-shifter whose kiss brings death. In "Kiss Me Deadly," Khail meets his match.

In "King of Prey," the Oracle determines that Kabril must take a wife to return good fortune to his people. The king's not happy that his future mate doesn't have wings and is a female human, but he falls for his new neighbor when he heads to earth to find his mate.

Cyzarine, a rare firebird, doesn't want a mate as "Firebird" starts. An assassin who watched her parents murdered as a child, she's shocked at her behavior when she falls for a Falcon while attempting to save a friend from the heinous collector.

In "Caged Desire," vampire Eve Blake receives a mysterious shipping crate with a caged golden eagle. When the eagle shifts into human form, she frees Logan, who has been wrongly imprisoned for 50 years. With Eve's help, Logan gets caught up on the things he's missed.

Princess Ari of Falconia allows magic to choose her husband, only to discover her mate is her childhood tormentor in "Seize the Hunter." When others fear the winged Rurik is a poor choice for king, Ari must decide whether or not to listen to her heart. (Samhain, Jan., 336 pp., $16.50)

Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice