Although its unusual for a woman in 17th century France to become a Musketeer, Mignonne Saint-Sylvestre is determined. Her confession of this goal to her three brothers after shes gone for the first time on an adventure of thievery with one of them convinces all that she must enter a convent to become more ladylike.

Min runs away, dressed in her usual male costume, bound for Paris to join the musketeers. Shes purloined a letter from Captain dArtagnan offering her brother a commission. She longs to honor the memory of her father, a trained musketeer.

On the journey, Min attempts to steal food but shes pursued by Chevalier Chancery Lambert. Chance, an officer on leave from the musketeers, is having difficulty besting this skilled boy when he discovers evidence of less than boyish traits. His shock allows Min to escape.

Mins disguise doesnt convince anyone very long and shes soon in trouble with much more vicious highwaymen than her gentlemen brothers. Fortunately, Chance has followed her, determined to see her safely back in the care of her family. Reverses happen and this time its Min who rescues Chance, but their swashbuckling adventure gallops forward.

Although her heroine seems impossibly naive at first, Michele Hauf gives her extraordinary appeal, quickly winning the reader to her cause. Throughout this page-to-page, full-action romp, youll believe, enjoy the romance of the era, become involved in the excitement and vigorous humor of the love story, and rejoice in this fifth musketeers entirely plausible, wonderfully liberating, but love-filled victory. SENSUAL (Nov., 378 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger