Dead set against women and marriage, Chad Delany leaves home to escape the past. He rides into Carbon, Wyoming ready to claim the bounty on Jackson, a vicious bank robber, and instead finds himself coming to the aid of a beautiful woman.

The preachers daughter, Sarah Temple, has learned to be self-reliant and strong. After being disowned by her parents and scorned by the town for having a child out of wedlock, she had no choice but to bear their contempt in order to protect her son, Abner.

On the day Chad arrives, Sarah has had an accident and finds herself dependent upon him, a man capable of breaking down her resistance to men. As they confront their powerful feelings, Jackson rides in to Carbon, and abducts Abner and then Sarah.

Readers will be drawn into this emotionally powerful tale and come to truly care about Ms. Masons unforgettable characters. Now there is only one Delany brother left and it will be hard to wait for Ryans story TO TEMPT A ROGUE. VERY SENSUAL (Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin